The smart way to teach your child to read with phonics

Give your child the head start that counts with screen-free phonics lessons created by teachers, for parents.

Our system of fun, hands-on mini-lessons takes your child from pre-reading to reading sentences in as little as six weeks. All you need is 15 minutes a day!

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“So beneficial for our son... 

I was amazed at how focused he was in the activities and the improvement I have seen in his recognition of words already. It's also been a great way to reduce the amount of screen time throughout the day.

- Venessa W.



We have been using the program to get my daughter ready for this year at preschool. She has just gone back this week to preschool and her teachers have noticed she is doing really well with spelling at only turning 4 years old last week :)

- Melissa N.


I love it!

 We were so happy to try the Galaxy Reading program. As a teacher, I think it's so important that kids learn to put pen to paper as they learn.

- Gemma H.

How it works

Galaxy Reading's online dashboard


Your Galaxy Reading program comes with your own private dashboard. Access the program and track your progress from any device. 

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Forget the guesswork! With Galaxy Reading, all your worksheets and lesson plans are prepared for you. Simply print and get started in minutes.


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Spend quality, screen-free time with your child as you give them the gift of literacy. Our lessons are based around proven and tested phonics activities, so you'll feel confident at every step.

Why Galaxy Reading?


Teach with proven science

Galaxy Reading’s programs use phonics techniques that give your child the foundation they need to read fluently and intuitively.

Why do we focus on phonics? Because decades of research have proven that it’s the most effective way to teach kids of all abilities to read.

Smiling preschooler reading a book
A step-by-step sequence of worksheets

Fast results without the stress

We've designed every lesson in the Galaxy Reading system to build your child's knowledge step-by-step. This makes sure you give your child the right new challenges, just at the right time.

Forget hunting online for resources. Simply follow our clear and structured lessons to give your child's learning a flying start. 


Professional lessons, now affordable

With Galaxy Reading, it's easy to deliver fast and targeted reading lessons at home. 

Each lesson comes with step-by-step instructions based on techniques used in real private tutoring sessions, so you can be confident you're using proven strategies at every step.

Galaxy Reading instruction sheet and activity sheet
Two Galaxy Reading characters, Zap the alien astronaut and space dog Min

Nurture their love of reading

Our Step-Up Story System  brings language to life for your child.

We seamlessly guide your child from listening to stories to reading our unique Shared Stories along with you. Before you know it, they'll be reading stories to you!


Help them learn in the real world

It's easy and rewarding to help your child develop the hands-on skills they'll need in the classroom. 

Your child will look forward to their special time learning with you—and you'll see them flourish day by day.

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Galaxy Reading Early Reading Bundle

$57 USD

RRP $158 - Save 64% today

  • Includes the complete Galaxy Reading Phonics Foundations and Continuing Phonics courses.
  • The skills your child needs: A balanced program of reading, writing, spelling, and phonemic awareness activities.
  • Done for you:  Forget hunting the web for worksheets. Just print and start learning in minutes!
  • Fast-track your child’s learning: Follow fast and effective lesson plans written by experienced teachers.
  • Unlimited access for a low one-time payment: No subscriptions, no recurring charges.
  • Designed for parents: Galaxy Reading gives you all you need for success. No heavy reading or teaching experience is needed.
  • Screen-free for your child: Give your child the real-world skills they need to succeed in the classroom. 
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Backed by science

With Galaxy Reading, you don't need a teaching degree to make sure your child has the tools they need to become a confident reader!

Developed by reading specialists, our blend of synthetic phonics, phonemic awareness, and explicit instruction is based on gold-standard research into how kids learn best. 

Your child's learning journey

Galaxy Reading's phonics programs give you all you need to raise a successful reader — without the stress or pressure.

Here's a taste of what your little one will learn on their Galaxy Reading journey.

Galaxy Reading Phonics Foundations Program

UNITS 1 - 3 

Getting ready to read

In our first three units, we set the foundation for your child's literacy. We use stories and games to ground your child in the essential concepts they'll need for reading success.

New skills include ⟶
 Introduction to written language
 Phonemic awareness
 Pencil control and handwriting

UNITS 4 - 10  

Introducing our letter-sounds 

In Units 4 to 10, your child will learn their first seven letters while continuing to build their phonemic awareness skills. Having built a solid understanding of the connection between sounds and letters, your child is quickly able to start reading words!

New skills include 
 Reading and writing letters
 Blending and segmenting
 Reading and spelling words

UNITS 11 - 15  

Putting it all together

Now around six weeks in, your child is already ready to read their first sentences! They'll also learn some helpful punctuation and grammar rules, including how to start and end a sentence, and how to make a question.

New skills include 
 Reading sentences
 Building sentences
  Understanding punctuation

Galaxy Reading Continuing Phonics Program

UNITS 1 - 3 

Part One 

Having built a solid foundation for your child's learning in Galaxy Reading Phonics Foundations, we begin introducing the remaining alphabet letters in Galaxy Reading Continuing Phonics.

UNITS 4 - 6 

Part Two 

In Part Two, your child will learn six new letters and some advanced letter-sounds.

They will also have begun working with Star Words — high-frequency words that help them to read a broader range of sentences. 

UNITS 7 - 9 

Part Three

Having reached Part Three, your child is now ready to read more complex sentences.

They'll learn more Star Words, practice their automatic recall, and grow more confident reading and spelling.


Capstone Unit 

In this final unit, your child is now able to read longer stories on their own. They'll put together their knowledge of letters and sounds while building their reading comprehension. Don't forget their completion certificate!

Limited time only

Free bonuses

Enjoy bonuses to the value of $79 with every purchase of an Early Reader Bundle!

  • Bonus Revision Pack: Customize your child's learning with targeted revision worksheets, flashcards, and games
  • Teach with confidence with audio-visual demonstrations of every letter-sound taught
  • Celebrate your child's achievements with personalised completion certificates
  • Enjoy free and automatic access to future updates and bonuses
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Rhyme Time Game Set

Our printable Rhyme Time game set is the perfect, pressure-free way to build your child's phonemic awareness. Comes with five rhyming games and a purse-friendly carry pouch for learning on the go.


Card and Counter Sets

Whether it's flash cards for revision or dice and counters to use for our fun learning games, we've thought ahead and prepared everything you need.


Reading Posters

It's easy to remember our simple and effective reading strategies with posters that show the Sound-it and Spell and Blend-to-Read steps at a glance.


Completion Certificates

Celebrate your child's achievements with personalised certificates: one for Galaxy Reading Phonics Foundations and one for Continuing Phonics.

A tree planted with every purchase 


At Galaxy Reading, we can't think of a more valuable use of paper than helping the next generation learn to read and write.

To help offset resources used to print our programs, we donate to tree-planting projects that focus on restoring biodiversity around the world.

Your questions answered

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know you and your child will love Galaxy Reading, so go ahead and try it risk-free. If you're unhappy for any reason, simply get in touch within 14 days of your purchase and we'll happily refund you.

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